Careers After Learning Corel Draw

What is Corel Draw?


Corel Draw is vector graphic software. Which is used in print media? The software is a robust graphics suite, providing many features for users to edit graphics. These features include contrast adjustment, color balancing, adding special effects like borders to images, and it is capable of working with multiple layers and multiple pages. Corel DRAW is primarily designed for the Windows operating system But you can use for Mac as well as Linux. CDR is a file extension for a vector graphics file used by Corel Draw. Animation Bugs provide best Training of Corel Draw Software. It is the best Institute for Corel Draw training in Jalandhar City.


Career Options:


As we know that there is a rapid demand of CorelDraw in present scenario and you can earn the best in India as well as in aboard. You can also get job after completing your training from Animation Bugs.


So here are just a few jobs you can get after learning CorelDraw:


  • Logo Designer


  • Brochure Designing


  • Business Cards Designer


  • Pamphlet Designer


  • Letterhead Designer


  • Poster Designing


  • Flyer Designer


  • Magazine Designer


  • Flex Designer


Why Animation Bugs?

Animation Bugs, students sharpen their technical skills, apply concepts of animation & VFX learnt in the classroom & create quality animation films. Animation courses are taught by expert faculty who are trained, tested & certified to ensure that their knowledge is in step with latest industry trends. The faculty also mentor students, guiding them in developing professional quality show reels that win various international awards.


Animation Bugs has placed many students in Graphic designing. It is the best Training Institute for Corel Draw training and graphic designing. Students are getting handsome wages after completing their course from Animation bugs. So Join Today Animation Bugs for your better Career in Graphic designing.