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About Adobe Illustrator:-

Adobe Illustrator is software for processing and illustrations for vector graphics produced by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

The first release 1.0 it has in December 1986 (Official January 1987) for Apple Macintosh and updated up to 1.6 in 1988 version 1.7 was named “Illustrator 88” .The first version for Windows dates back to 1989 and is 2.0 but not had success, because he looked more like previous versions of Adobe Illustrator for Apple Macintosh to the same rate, or fees of programs vector graphics native to the environment Microsoft Windows, such as Corel Draw. Currently, in addition to being sold by itself, Adobe Illustrator is included in Adobe Creative Suite.



Adobe Illustrator allows you to build vector images by geometric shapes or through the basic tracking tools to retouch your fingers or with a stylus in touch environment. From the DC version is available the new instrument curvature which allows you to simply place the points where corners to create straight lines without using anchor points and handles. You can rebuild logos from scans through the automatic tracking system (in CS2) or manually. The most developed works through Illustrator are: construction of logos, advertising production ( business cards , posters , written) or even layouts for websites. The management of the effects of transparency allows, among other things, to export graphics projects in native file formats that do not normally support transparency (such as WMF and EMF) by taking advantage of special conversion tools. In the text frames automatically resize when adding or editing a text. In the latest versions of the product we have been added to various improvements to refine and improve its efficiency, including the ability to resize the drawings and control fills in panel samples, sliders to adjust the opacity and much more.


Career Opportunities:-

  • Graphic Designer
  • Template Designer
  • Print Media Communication
  • Package Designer
  • Logo Designer


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